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Residence Permit

Overseas students can be granted a residence permit for following a higher educational program in Denmark. 

The Conditions required are:

1) That the student is admitted to a higher educational program which has been duly approved by a state authority or publicly accredited educational institution.

2) That he/she can speak (and understand) the language of instruction and have a working knowledge of Danish, or English,

 3) That he/she can support through own means for the duration of the stay in Denmark. 

If the study period is for one year, there should be documentary evidence that you have DKK 50,000 amount or equivalent.

If the study in Denmark is for less than one year, DKK 4,200 multiplied by the number of months is required.


The duration of residence permit depends on completion of the whole educational program, or only part of a program. Whole or part of program residence permit will be granted depending upon the duration.

Active enrollment in the educational program is a condition for the residence permit.

Green card scheme

In case of a residence permit given to complete a higher educational program in Denmark, the same will be valid for an additional six months subsequent to the completion of the program. This facilitates one to look for work in Denmark.
Family members

In case of grant of residence permit for a higher educational program, the holder can bring certain family members.


A foreign student is allowed to work 15 hours a week, as well as full-time during the June, July and August every year.

If the work is done beyond the number of hours, the Danish Agency for Labor Retention and International Recruitment may revoke or refuse residence permit and there is the risk of deportation.

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