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About Denmark

Denmark was an influential superpower of Europe. Currently it is noted for advancements in different areas like design, architecture, farming, green technology and pharmaceuticals.

It has a history of Immigration of the first hunters, Agriculture, animal husbandry, Followed by urbanization, and Introduction of Christianity. It came under British rule. The spirit of learning was rekindled in 1479 by the Founding of Copenhagen University. The society was in a phase of Reformation. The spirit of exploration was evident when Danish colonies were established in Caribbean. In the First World War Denmark was neutral. Constitutional reforms were carried out and women were enfranchised. During 1940-1945 it was under German occupation. It became one of the Founding members of the UN and NATO followed by Membership of the EEC and of the EU.

The influence of the Lutheran State Church, of absolutism, industrialization, and the changing nature of the political parties reflects the life of the people. Traditions and festivals mostly based on Christianity are held in high regard and are considered important. People love each other. People are urban conscious and follow the rules meticulously. They are polite, simple, interesting, disciplined, fit and welcoming. The country has a great and beautiful country side. Danes are obsessed not to intrude in affairs of other people, and mindful of their personal space. Denmark is deeply steeped in culture and has a long history and ethnically homogeneous people. Women are equal to men and receive equal pay and promotions.

People are peaceful and willing to pay high taxes. The government covers health care, unemployment, and other social services. Danish people respect virtuous authority. They are drawn to folk music which is quite refreshing and pleasing. Denmark loves seafood. Other diversified foods are also popular in recent years. The Danes have an elevated level of happiness. They have a high sense of shared responsibility for all members of the group and are empathically dutiful. This is visible in their widespread support of social welfare.

Denmark has many islands and covers an area of 43,000 square kilometers. It is dotted by picturesque small towns and villages and has close contact with its neighbor nations. Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg and Odense are major cities. During winter the temperature averages minus 1 degree Celsius and during summer time it is 20-25 degrees Celsius.

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