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Other Visa Percepts

Short-Term Visa

To visit Denmark, non EU citizens need to apply for a Schengen visa. This type of visa allows the aspirants to stay for 90 days. In these 90 days, you can take up the employment and work related activities.

Though the mouthwatering dollar salary tempts you, it is recommendable not to go on a short-term visa for employment. Danish immigration processes are highly stringent and if they doubt that you are misusing your Schengen Visa in order to seek permanent residency, they will immediately turn down your visa and penalize you for three to five years. During that span, you cannot apply for a visa.

For that reason you should ideally acquire a residence and work permit in order to live and work in Denmark.

Work Permits for Denmark

Expats who desired to work in Denmark may not need a work permit at all.

In order to apply for a work permit, you should fulfill the labor market considerations. In other way, you should fill a position which cannot be filled by a Danish citizen. This happens when the qualified people in Denmark for that particular position are very sparse. Several schemes post the job openings where there is a shortage of skilled people and make the whole process easier.

The Positive List is one of such kind. If at all a job has been offered to you, you can directly apply for a work permit. The Pay Limit is another scheme for expats who expects more salary.

The Corporate Scheme helps you to transfer within branch offices of your company in Denmark.

Highly qualified professionals can be benefitted from The Green card Scheme to enter the country for a job search. It facilitates you to work up to three years.

Denmark is research friendly and for researchers it is pretty easy to obtain work permit and residence permit as well.

For Researchers it is particularly easy to acquire a work as well as residence permit though an offer letter is a prerequisite.

Other schemes apply to trainees, athletes, religious workers, and self-employed expats. Some groups are exempt from the usual rules, such as transportation personnel, performing artists, musicians, and diplomats. Please contact the Danish Immigration Service for more information.

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